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16 May 2007

Maybe I'm Turning Into a Butterfly?

I don't get it. I went for a run yesterday for the first time in ages and felt fine. Today, mindful of injury, I did a short session of stretching.

So I'm now at my desk and every muscle seems to be radiating heat.

Maybe it's my fault--I mean, hot yoga's so damn expensive ... So I just exercise in a foil-lined room with an old microwave that I took the back and sides off of.

But seriously, whence cometh this strange affliction?

Ah-maybe that's it:

Or perhaps this is more like it:


At 3:52 p.m., Anonymous PJ said...

Okay, but if your skin starts turning green, I'm calling you "Shrek".

At 4:30 a.m., Blogger Bill_59 said...

If you want to return to Dr. Bruce Banner, check the U7 group.

At 9:41 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Hey--thanks Bill!

At 3:43 p.m., Blogger L,Danté said...

thnaks for the R.Crumb contribution in your archive , thats how i found yr blog.

greets from the netherlands!

At 3:37 a.m., Anonymous G Eagle Esq said...

Bonjour M Metro

Is this caused by ingestation of too much of Mr AerChie's AntiPodean Mead

I remain yr obedt servant etc



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