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24 May 2007

Hell Yeah!

If this president is not to be impeached, Congress may as well amend the Constitution to remove the impeachment clause. It will, in that case, have become as much an anachronism as prohibition.
Good damn article. Go read it.

Like the short ugly guy in a crowded college bar waving for attention, the word impeachment has managed to elbow its way into the public discourse.

Now it just needs to grab that lousy collection of pious pinheaded pandering pimps by their ankles and drag them, heads bumping, up the courthouse steps to their long-overdue rendezvous with history.

It's a shame that life in prison seems unlikely.

I'm pissed at some folks on YouTube
I was watching a series of videos branded as "anarchist art". I wish to thank the miserable ©µη7 who posted it for £µ©λing up my innocence and losing me my sweet girlish laughter.

As a boy delivering papers I used to tear up reading "320 Die in Plane Crash" type headlines. When I see people killed on historical programs such as "The Winds of War" I feel an echoing misery inside. Seeing people die on the news feels uncomfortably voyueristic and fills me with despair.

I never watched the Nick Berg or Daniel Pearl murder videos. I never wanted to watch as men who were either trying to do a job or more-or-less innocent bystanders had their heads sawn off according to the scriptural interpretations of fanatics and maniacs with all the self-awareness of a slug and none of the sex appeal. If there is a hell, then the one redeeming feature of my damnation will be the satisfaction I get watching Abu Zarkawi for a while, though I'll eventually turn away.

I do not feel it is neccesary to watch someone die. It proves nothing. Untimely death is a misfortune and a misery, doubly so when the death is a murder, be it the circus-sideshow hanging of Hussein, "execution" videos posted to Jihadist websites, or three seconds of Al-Qaeda fighters getting strafed.

So I was not prepared in the first seconds of this "art" to watch a captured possible Russian soldier having his head cut from his body with a knife by people purported to be Chechen rebels.

I missed at least three hours of sleep last night, trying to clear the image from my head. Who the hell thought that was appropriate? How did this advance the discussion? In what way might this poor soldier's murder, gleefully filmed by his sub-human killers and promulgated by the self-described "artist" help us understand his/her/its argument? It was supposed to be about America. What is there about a Chechen torture-murder party that's supposed to be useful in discussing America?

Damn it to hell anyway, @$$#0!3. I didn't need this.

Maybe you think I don't have the hide to surf the 'net unrestricted. But had there been some sort of warning I would have made an informed choice not to watch this POS video. I know what's going on out there. Seeing it in dying colour changes nothing; not one goddam thing.

The victim is still dead. I feel no more nor less helpless than I felt hearing about Pearl's and Berg's murders on the radio. I feel no smaller nor bigger than I do when I hear that one group of fanatics has murdered twenty members of another group. I get no less depressed and angry than I do when US GI's murder an entire family to cover up the rape of a fourteen-year-old. There is no damn difference between these events. Not one friggin' iota.

£µ©λ the "artist".


At 10:31 p.m., Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

Free speech is great, but we still have to decide what's tasteful and decent and what's not.

At 2:28 a.m., Anonymous G Eagle Esq said...

Bonjour Monsieur M

The Perambulating North-American Wild-Hound puts it so well (as usual, the Eagle squawked enviously)

... but it is so encouraging to have young people (envious Aquilan Squawks, off-stage) like le Metro et Senor FFE & la P N-A Wild-Hound protesting for the Right

You are angry ... but you have something to be angry about !!!

You are understandably & rightly dismayed - the torture and murder of a defenceless (err ... defenSeless) Russian Prisoner is deplorable .... that young Man could have been a Junior Eagle or a Young American, with a Mother, Brothers, a Wife (or in these "Enlightened Times" a Partner and/or Wives & ex-Wives) and Children

Here in Inglaterra, the Darkness of self-deceit & selfishness & disfunctionality grows

This wRetched Government is continually giving out rights .... but at other people's expense and without regard to the Real-World consequences

eg the ever-growing salaries & pensions and £7+ million annual expenses of 650 Members of Parliament (on average = £113,000)

eg the right for disabled people to park in no-parking zones [Norman-Franch - obstruction de la Highway] or in "Dedicated Spaces"

You arrive at a Supermarket Car=Park with empty "Disabled Spaces" near "the Store" (as you North Americans so quaintly put it), but no spaces for ordinary folk

.... in a crowded Village in Derbyshire (formerly "the Best of Counties, per Jane Austen) the narrow roads are hazardous with parked chariots (with nowhere to park) and yet those Clods at the Council (so ineffably Wise) mark out a Disabled Space in an area where there are NEVER any Disabled People

... in the old Roman Frontier Town of Derventio (Derby), a 38-ton Lorry is unable to move forward or back because a "Disabled" car has blocked a narrow lane by "legally" parking in a no-parking area despite an empty Disabled Space 12 yards away

eg the right to a minimum wage

eg ... to paternity leave

eg ... to ever longer maternity leave

eg ... to not being "unFairly dismissed"

I don't expect North-Americans to understand this expression but Englisch Courts define what are in fact & justice "FAIR" Dismissals as "Unfair" Dismissals, inflicting punitive payments on Employers

Your (understandably) Distressed Post highlights these Truths which are not Universally Acknowledged in the Darkening Lands :

* Every right for A imposes a consequential No-Right or Duty on B

* Every Right has Limitations and should be exercised with Responsibility

I wonder how many innocent folk have been murdered or mutilated (the BBC more pleasantly says "killed or injured") in the USA Canada Turkey and Iraq, because Murderers & Mutilators (err ... the BBC would say Palestinian Factions or Islamic Extremists or Tamil Tigers or Insurgents) are so encouraged by all the Publicity which they receive in the name of "Free Speech" (or rather sick sensationalism)

Would all or any of these School & Amish Shooting-Murders have happened without the publicity and encouragement of the Press/TV ?!.

As the Lady ApilihP would say - harrumpn, harrumph .... surely she means harrumphOI

It is an honour to remain your obedient servant etc

G Eagle

At 8:40 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

@Wandering Coyote:
Actually, I think I'm trying to make the opposite point.

I believe that in a civil society the limits of free expression should parallel the boundaries of criminal behaviour. That is, people should be allowed to create video as long as it stays on this side of the child pornography line, for example.

I just want a little friggin' heads up. Nothing about the description of that video suggested that that element was present, and while I recognize that there might (might) be a valid reason to show such footage for artistic purposes, I would not freely choose to watch it.

But I don't feel it's up to me to judge its decency. After all, I'm quite fond of some of the pictures I've found, online and off, of nude ladies. This is not to everyone's taste, so I am told.

@M. g Eagle:
Given that I feel that all rights are a fictional construct that is a neccesary part of civil society, I'm generally okay with that.

However, I don't think trying to analogize art to the civil landscape works very well.

I have to run. More later, perhaps.

At 9:18 a.m., Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

Sorry. I see your point now.

At 11:48 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

No apology neccesary. Respectful, thoughtful dissent, total disagreement and outraged flaming argument is welcome here.

Hate speech, bullying and threats will be mocked, pointed at, and snickered about.

I want to get back to M. Eagle's points, but this "work" business keeps getting in the way.

Perhaps my employer is violating my right to free expression by making me do stuff ... ?


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