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14 May 2007

The Gods Love Nothing So Much As Hubris

So yesterday I observed that my wee bike, the which I was boasting of riding in my last post, had a wee problem.

In the course of attmpting to fix this problem I managed to strip the threads on the wee shaft that holds the rear wheel in place, more or less.

Of course the part is available in great quantities--in some other wee dimension, I'm sure.

Whee ...


At 2:05 a.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

Doesn't Canuckistan tire have one of everything, in two different qualities? Like, Decent and Motomaster?

At 4:08 a.m., Blogger Richard said...

Thread stripping isn't too bad. Can you get your hands on a thread cutting kit? Best course might be to ask your local mechanic to re-thread it for you. Actually any fabrication shop ought to be equipped with that kit.
I could do it for you, but I'm way the hell over here.
Only if you can't get a new one for reasonable cost though. Much as I'm for sustainability, throwing the old one in a recycle skip and getting a new one is nearly breakeven.

At 7:40 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

As the owner of a '61 Nash Metropolitan (for which this blog is named), as well as former owner of some of the most peculiar vehicles ever sold in the North American Market, permit me to assure you that if I need light bulbs, I will make my first choice Crappy Tire.

Nothing with the word "lifestyles" across the front of the shop can look an honest shade-tree knuckle-basher in the eye.

I'm not sure I can re-cut this. This is the shaft that runs through the left side of the hub and it's hollow. The axle itself runs through the middle.

So I'm not sure the walls are thick enough to take re-machining.

I'm going to try visiting my local bike boneyard on the weekend. They have no U7s, but they have a couple of related Yamaha products and a Honda Cub or two. And the Cub is so similar I think there's clearly a long and honourable history of industrial espionage there.

If that doesn't work I'll have to go to Edmonton and buy the wreck that I hope is still there.

At 4:47 a.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

eBay, bay-bee.

At 6:58 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Don't tell grandma how to steal sheep. I hit eBay on an irregular basis looking for bits for this machine.

You hit eBay for "Yamaha U7e" and tell me what you get.


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