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01 April 2007

Permission to Think It Through

Doonesbury author (and yes, it's a comic, but he's still an author) really has a gift for putting things simply.

From today's strip:
"Really [sarge]? So if congress doesn't support the troops, I go home to my family, but if they do support us, we have to keep returning to the meat grinder?"


"Permission to think it through denied."


At 8:54 a.m., Anonymous Frontier Former Editor said...

That is one thing that we didn't quite get from the British parliamentary tradition - the concept of the legislative chess maneuver when it comes to control of the military. That's why, since the mid 1600's, there's a Royal Navy and a British Army

At 8:43 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

I didn't know that. Here the politics isn't as obvious as it's been down there lately.

I'm too jaded to believe that Stephen Harper has any respect for such a vague concept as "professionalism," so I chalk it up to Harper not wanting his war record questioned.

It's the question I really want someone to ask:

"Mr. Harper, if you'd been in charge in 2003, how many Canadian troops would have died in Iraq so far and how many would still be there?"

--Follwed up with:

"And how much 'safer' would we be than we are now?"


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