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02 April 2007

Bill Donahue Shows His True Colours

A follow-up, via Crooks and Liars, to my post on My Sweet Saviour, text from the Anderson Cooper transcript in which Bill-O behaves like a whining child, even though in his own words "I won and you lost".


[link to C&L's video] Emphasis in bold is mine.

COOPER: Cosimo, do you understand the outrage this has caused? I mean, do you think it's overreaction? Do you get it?

C. CAVALLARO: Yes, I get it. I think it's an overreaction.

You just heard the gentleman calling artists losers, or me a loser. I think what he's — his assault is on the public at large, artists, and freedom of speech, and every Catholic. I'm a Catholic, and I'm a Christian.

And I think this gentleman doesn't even represent the people that are in his faith.

DONAHUE: That's funny. You said I put out a fatwa, right? Or the — or the — that was the — the guy who ran the lab, says I put out a fatwa. I put out a news release.

So, you're accusing me of being like the Taliban; is that right?

C. CAVALLARO: Who, me? You're not that intelligent.


DONAHUE: Oh, no, let me tell you something. You're — you're lucky I'm not as mean, because you might lose more than your head.


Bill, may I refer you to the other half of the Bible? Specifically the bit about "Love thy neighbour as thyself".

Of course it doesn't sound as if Donahue likes himself very much, either.

While pursuing the story around the tubes of the 'nets, I stumbled across the Mahablog. There I saw this comment:
It used to be "Who ate the ears off my chocolate bunny?" Now there is the possibility of "Who ate the ____ off My Sweet Jesus?"
The answer to which, according to another comment, is Ted Haggard.

Thence I found my way to Thought Theater where I spotted this, from Tom Waits.

--Chocolate Jesus

In conclusion, my boss clearly isn't getting value for money today, but I'm having a lot of fun, as well as distracting myself from the distracting thought that I'm being sued for an accident I had two years back.


At 2:45 a.m., Blogger mur said...

Bummer on the sueing(sp?) thing.
Gee, its a while since it happened, why now? Isn't there a statute of limitations on some things.

At 7:45 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

In this province we're represented by a single government insurance company.

The benefit is that we're safe from the egregious abuse faced by customers in, for example New Brunswick.

Only 4 companies offer auto insurance in New Brunswick. NB customers found their private insurance rates tripled over three years in the '90s. This jack-up was excused as "necessary in a small market". When the insurance companies were presented with proof positive of collusion, their response was: "Oh alright, you got us."

And nothing else. The rates are still ludicrous.

However, when our provincial insurance agency has to go to court for damages from one party or another, it usually turns out to be one company lawyer arguing against another over how to minimize the amount of money paid out to anyone involved.

In this case, my lawyer has (properly, in that the police failed to cite me for any offence) steadfastly set my share of blame, and thus any payout, at zero.

The pedestrian I hit has complicated matters by first hiring a private lawyer, then getting another one--I don't know why.

It's a lousy situation, and the wheels grind very slowly. The last accident I had as a private citizen was in 1988, and I flew home to deal with that in 1991, so this isn't all that unusual.


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