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20 March 2007

Tuesday Morning Rain

It seems to have been a much busier weekend than I recollect. Managed to rake the debris of winter off the lawn (front lawn only, but it's still progress) and prune the cherry tree within an inch of its life. Then somehow it was done.

Sunday I was wakened by a violent allergic attack. It felt as though someone had hammered sand into my sinuses. Come Monday morning I was dragging ass severely, so phoned in sick to work. My boss must have been thrilled. The other two writer/proofreaders are on holiday this week, which with me sick for the day left only one person on the clock.

By 1 PM Monday I was going crazy. I was so tired that I couldn't think straight, but couldn't manage to get even another hour of sleep. So I said the hell with it and walked to the gym. I managed to get into the zone and spent almost two hours sweating out my general rotten-feelingness. Of course since this is the gym to which my company is sponsoring memberships as part of the fitness challenge, I ran into some early-shift co-workers who knock off around 3. Should be interesting to see whether anyone snitches and if so what might come of it.

My workplace has the usual issues with absences, no real problem, but now they're demanding paperwork and planning for stuff that used to get done on a "wing-it" basis. For example, medical and dental appointments are supposed to be "booked". There's a form for it nowadays.

I'm not a clock-watcher, and I feel this is the sort of administrative behaviour that turns people into clock-watchers. If I am required to book off the hour I spend at the dentist's, then I feel I should be paid for the at-least-an hour per week of overtime I work. But there isn't a mechanism for that, for some reason.

Not much going on at the moment. Thoughts on the Tories' paintball budget later if I have time.


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