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29 March 2007

This Can Only Be Someone's Brain on Drugs

How else to explain that the United States government watched a man torture and kill thirteen people in six months; watched as a man was kidnapped from Texas, taken across the border to Juarez's notorious "House of Death", tortured and killed along with two other people and did nothing?

Even though they knew the kidnap victim was the wrong guy?

By mid-2004 the body count was sixteen. And the US government, including members of the Texas Justice Department (now known simply as the "Hollow Laugh Department") did sweet fuck all. Except record it all.

And cover it up.

The morality of the "War on Drugs" has hit a new low. I won't say "the bottom"--not with an ex-cokehead in the Alabaster Asylum who got there partly by handing out indefinite sentences to cokeheads.

It's enough to make a man want to believe in a god. At least while I barbequed in God's personal torture chamber I'd have these fine folks for company.

Read the link and realize that the United States has now become the hollow mockery of freedom and justice this administration keeps accusing the UN human rights council of being.


At 7:08 a.m., Anonymous Frontier Former Editor said...

Welcome to my corner of hell, Metro. I swerve between absolute hatred toward the national GOP, disgust and pity for the GOP's rank-and-file members; disgust at a country which fails to use its collective vote in a responsible manner no matter which direction it takes; and disgust and potential hatred toward an opposition party worried more about keeping individual factions happy and less about core values.

And screw Libertarians (with a capital L) - they've adopted a weak know-nothing attitude.

At 10:30 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Well Stephen Harper hasn't yet entirely gutted the refugee claimant provisions ... you might like it up here.

I think that Bush is so screwing up the ethos of the USA that a Truth and Reconciliation comission is a must for the Obama administration.

Sorry, I meant "the next administration".

As far at the GOP: The corruption starts at the top of the tree, but the roots have rotted too. It's chainsaw time. The democrats are a snarling pack of fighting curs, but they slowly seem to be making jabs. Maybe they'll find some spine.

People occasionally ask me why I worry about what the heck the US does. Well aside from their enormous influence in the region, it's because where the US goes, Canada tends to follow within 5 years. You got Reagan, we got his lover Mulroney. You had Carter, we had Clark.

You got Bush, we got Harper. He's a similar morality hypocrite. As witnessed by the recent non-reaction to the news that four detainees captured by Canadians in Afghanistan have vanished--which included the statement that "We had another agreement in place at that time ...", with no explanation of what the current agreement is or means.

Truly, I understand why theists cling to their gods. It's so that they can believe that one day a perfect god will mete out perfect justice to these "people".

Unfortunately I believe that "There is no justice. There's just us." And so far most of the good and decent people don't seem to have figured out that we outnumber the bastards and the perverts about 3 to 1.

At 12:17 p.m., Anonymous Philipa said...

Just how far are governments expected to go on our behalf? Such a sad example of 'government'. I don't quite understand the Vanity Fair' ref in one of the comments here?

At 12:41 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

Not sure myself. The comment reads rather badly.

Plame and Wilson have both made it into VF, I'm fairly sure (but unable to dig around right now).


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