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22 March 2007

So Much for Evenings and Weekends

And possibly blogging for a while.

Yesterday we had a first cast meeting and read-through of the New Play. I'm not actually the youngest member of the cast, but it becomes increasingly evident that they had little choice but to cast me for the lead. To paraphrase Wayne and Schuster: "The youngest is but a beardless youth, the others are but youthless beards." So I fit the age for the eager young teacher by default.

When Mme Metro took the message giving me the lead, the director said "The lead girl's pretty cute. Don't worry--he only has to kiss her twice." Then she cunningly offered Mme the chance to stage-manage. Mme turned her down; she presumes any theatrical ingenue has better taste.

On the way home last night I stopped in to the theatre where the last play I participated in was performed. Four of the company were rehearsing a musical number for Current Production as I came in. They paused and one of them said: "Oh good--I was just about to phone you. D'you want to stage-manage for Current Production?"

So my schedule until June or so goes:
Monday and Wednesday: New Play.
Thursday through Saturday: Current Production Stage Manager.

Mme Metro has stuck my picture to the fridge so that she'll recognize me when I get home.

Mme brought home a strange woman last night. I thought this might be something to do with my birthday, and I was right. This morning they seranaded me with a dystonic but oddly pleasant redition of half of "Happy Birthday" and presented me with a total of $5.30 in Canadian Tire money, which as everyone knows is exchangeable at any of our fine socialist hospitals for a nose job, appendectomy, or tattoo removal.


At 3:19 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've got the lead role in a play called "Fools"?
Life imitating art?


At 3:22 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

Sort of ... In the play I am the only person with any intelligence amongst people cursed from birth to idiocy.

It's hard not to see the parallels, isn't it?

Surely anyone with an IQ of sixty or better in your province would understand the feeling.

At 7:23 p.m., Anonymous Envelope Filter said...

You're lucky you've got an understanding wife.

I just finished playing for Grease, and the girl playing Rizzo spends about half her stage time stuck to the face of the guy playing Kinickie. Her husband never quite made his piece with it...

At 6:17 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

It also helps that it takes place next town over, so she never has to watch :-)


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