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06 March 2007

Scoot, Scoot, Scooter Good-Bye

Yes! Pumps fist in air.

Note the important thing the sub-headline says: Scooter Libby tried to conceal the identity of the person who outed Valerie Plame.

That is, Scooter Libby comitted crimes intending to hide the person who first comitted the federal crime of revealing the identity of a CIA agent.

Now lemme see ... who could Scooter have been protecting?
In his lair, the Dark Lord stirs uneasily and cries out in his fitful sleep.

Sorry--I typed "lair" when I meant "Undisclosed location".

I hope this is just the cornerstone crumbling; that this is the first chink hammered into this Berlin Wall of silence, this castle of lies which the current Administration has built about itself. And when the wall finally falls, letting in the fresh air and light and dispelling the stench of corruption that has drowned Washington for the past six years (yes the past six. Clinton's crimes were petty by comparison and his administration was cleaner than any republican administration since 1980).

And as the naked, blind, pale creatures that caper within blink and squint and begin to burn away in the sunlight, perhaps we will hear the blessed word "impeach".

I dare to hope.


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