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07 March 2007

Out of Context

So Ann Coulter opened up her yap and shot it off. Again. Too bad. Isn't it fortunate she's a way-out wingnut instead of a mainstream conservative.

Isn't she?

It is now clear she's not. She is, in fact, the embodiment of the Republican heart and soul, the conservative movement that has so corrupted and ruined the United States.

She's saying she was "taken out of context". That is, that somehow it was acceptable to use the word "faggot", to link that word to John Edwards, and to do so at a massive gathering of her fundie conservative bretheren.
That was the "context" she was taken out of. And yet people in that crowd laughed and cheered.

Because they find it amusing. Make no mistake. Feminizing men of the opposing party is the thing the conservative base enjoys best.

Sean Hannity defended her remarks as "a joke". I suggest we send him a joke in the mail so that he can tell the difference.

I have said that conservatism must reclaim its credibility, its senses of decency, moral outrage and justice, and its faith in democracy. And its sense of humour.

Because if this is a joke, soon there'll be a TV series about the hilarious hi-jinks in a concentration camp or torture facility.

Spocko points out that Glen Greenwald said it much better over at Salon.
If Coulter is such a blight on humanity, such a monument to indecency and all that is wretched in our political culture, what does it say about the political movement that has been running our country for the last six years (at least) that they embrace her so enthusiastically?

--Emphasis is the author's.

I also have a personal beef with Coulter. She cheered on the Israeli army's murder of UN observers, including a Canadian. Did you read the quote at Spocko's Brain?

If I suggested that she should be held at Gitmo and force-fed three gallons of water a day until she's filled a vat with her own urine, and that she should then be boiled alive in said vat, is that any farther out of line that her own remarks?

Not that I'd ever say such a thing. And if I did it'd be a joke. Besides, they're taking it all out of context.



At 2:29 p.m., Anonymous Philipa said...

When I first saw a picture of her I thought she was a man. I'm still not sure if she's trans-gender.

At 3:20 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

One often hears her described as a "leggy blonde". And a skinny harpy.

It is a great irony that a woman with a pronounced Adam's apple attacks so many of her male opponents on their manliness. It is sometimes said she has enough of her own and to spare.

I avoid insulting her that way. Not entirely, but much more since this blew up. After all, if I use the enemy's tactics I may wind up looking a lot like her.

And nobody wants that. Least of all Mme Metro.

I think she is a sad and deeply bitter creature, probably very repressed. Not least by having to keep her mouth shut in the presence of her betters--there are, after all, so many of them.

Only in the safety and comfort of CPAC, or on Fox network, or on KSFO radio can she let loose even a tenth of the hatred she bears in her heart.

I think it may be that she expected her looks to get her a career on TV. She's no movie star, but might have grabbed bit parts, the way Larry Miller does. But since that didn't work she had to resort to writing a series of shriller and crazier books, and making shriller and crazier comments.

One might think she'd lie low after this last idiocy. But no, she just recently repeated it, and followed up by expressing support for the murder of doctors who perform abortions.

At 10:21 a.m., Anonymous SG said...

As I stated before, I don't understand why Ann Coulter has any say on matters of sex. She's angry because when she was born a hermaphrodite her parents chose to make it a vagina.


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