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26 March 2007

Metroblog Music Monday #1

Messages. Sometimes a person comes along and says something that's so truthful that the message carries down through the ages.

But over the years I think many of the central messages from the "big guys" have been distorted, or forgotten. So I think we need to look a little closer to our own lives and times to find our messages. After all, if anyone had video of Jesus, for example, there'd be a whole lot less arguing about what "love thy neighbour" really meant.

So here are a couple of vids from a man whose messages carry extremely well. These videos are about forty years old, and as relevant today as they were then. Dubya never saw any of them. Too busy branding pledges with red-hot coat hangers and scoring kegs 'n' coke, I guess. Makes you wonder how different the world could have been.

Pete Seeger, folk singer, $#!7 disturber, sometime communist, and messenger.

If you've skipped the other two videos, because we all know we're busy, can I ask that you watch this one? I have nothing to say about it because what's necessary is already said, with the minor excaption that the words "Viet Nam" might need changing.


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