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01 March 2007

Florida Still Full O' Rednecks, Rednecks Still Dumb as Stumps

City manger Steven B. Stanton has been running the city of Largo, Florida for fourteen years. All he really wanted was to do his job. Oh, and be a woman.

Well, the City Commission says he can have one or the other, but not both. A vote to fire Stanton went 5-2 against him. For the record, the Lady Mayoress of this burg (a known woman) doesn't seem to feel that a civil servant who did his job faithfully for 14 years should have any trouble doing it in a skirt.

The stated reasons for firing him all run to the same stupid tune. Sample:
ā€œIā€™d second-guess every decision he made [...] There was a lot of hiring and promoting and firing and every one of them could have been influenced by this whole scenario.ā€
--Andy Guyette, from the article at the NYT.

Mr. Guyette (Hey--maybe it's all about his transgender name issues?) claims he feels that Stanton would have been biased against people who didn't support him, and that that bias would have leached into the hiring and firing process. Cronyism in Florida? Well we sure don't want that creeping in!

This, from politicians in a state where dead politicians have to be buried using an auger, is just sickening.

That is to say, having created "this scenario" by screaming "Oooh, it's icky, keep that thar away frum meeee!", this putz and friends feel that Stanton might feel a little aggrieved.

Yuh think, Cletus?

I think the real problem Guyette and his friends have with Stanton's judgement is that, after surgery, he'll be a woman. And we know their judgement can't be trusted.

Or maybe, deep down, it's because those five councillors are terrified they won't be able to resist his engineered feminine charms?

Thank god that in Canada this $#!7 is actually illegal.



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