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09 February 2007

Update: Spocko V.: The Rat of Cant

I think the biggest distinction between those who consider themselves on "the left" or "liberal" side of an issue and those on "the right" or "conservative" side is humour. I apologise to all of the above, as I think these terms are an absurd oversimplification of complex political positions, but please bear with me.

The "right" seems very strident, and are always denigrating. Rush, Hannity, Malkin ... loads of loathing, even self-loathing, but no jokes, nothing humourous about 'em.

Not unless it involves someone's gonads and a car battery.

Possibly because "if we start laughing, then the terrorists have already won"? Or because it takes intelligence to use humour creatively? Or because their worldview is so scary it leaves no room for joking?

On the other hand we have the good "left" folks at Online Blogintegrity, who cause me to laugh out loud with their good-natured skewering of the torque-to-90 ft/lbs @$$#0!3s over at KSFO snuff radio.

In witness whereof: El Gato Negro's musings on the continual whining of KSFO hosts that "those quotes [advocating torture, murder, and genocidal practices] were taken out of context"!

And the post by Ripley:
Remember what actually turned this into a big ordeal? An attorney for ABC (KSFO’s parent company), Enid Karpeh, sent Spocko’s hosting company a C&D letter regarding copyrighted materials on his website, and his site was pulled, Fair Use be damned!

Did you check the URL for Sussman’s apology? Let me post it for you:

Yes, Melanie is hosting, not linking, copyrighted material on her personal website. Material that is copyrighted to ABC Radio/Disney.


That’s 6 hours of ABC copyrighted material - not links to KSFO, but files stored on Melanie’s personal website. Now, raise your hand if you think that Melanie or her hosting company will receive a C&D letter from ABC attorney, Enid J. H. Karpeh.
There's more, but I'm trying to keep this short. Go have a good laugh. I'm sure if Morgan and her coven had the faintest glimmer of a sense of humour, they'd find this at least as funny as, oh, say, shooting Nancy Pelosi or chopping off a detainee's penis.

But it's part of whatever problem these people have that they can't distinguish between the real world and the unfortunate humourless delusion they live in. Which is why they freaked out when Spocko posted their own clips right back at them. And why laughter will act on them like water on the Wicked Witch.

They got the gun nuts, but we got the Vulcans.


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