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23 February 2007

One Thing I Disike So Far

Actually there are two.

  • When I log in using my fantabulous new Google account (My fourth, actually, but who's complaining--oh ... right, that would be me), each time I navigate to a Google branded service such as the ubiquitous search engine, it proudly displays my new Google mail addy at the top of the screen for as long as I'm logged in. Likewise when I surf to other Blogger Il Deuce blogs.

  • I don't want this. It makes me even itchier. I feel as though I'm being followed around the 'net. Sure I know some agencies and organizations drop cookies on peoples' machines just to find out what they're up to, but I don't participate in the invasion of my privacy if I can possibly avoid it:

    I don't let sites "remember me on this computer". I close my mail accounts, and if I'm searching for something while this blog waits patiently in the background I'd prefer a sort of Chinese screen separating my blog from the stranger seeking "leather nurse nipples" just the thickness of a few electrons away.

    (I was looking for a baby bottle tough enough for my niece, okay? She's teething.)

  • Lack of stat tracking. There may be a plug-in I can stick into the template, but I ain't seein' one from Blogger Twoogle. If there is one, it's an independantly developed app.

  • Why in the FSM's name would Google totally neglect that? Or is it that they think their clients really don't care if anyone comes to read? Do they think this is some sort of solitary exercise in literary self-pleasure? That I do this just to hear myself talk inside my own head?


    Anybody out there?

    Google remains silent.

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    At 1:06 p.m., Blogger a h m a d said...

    I use google almost exclusively for searching, and I believe they are keeping records of every search entry I make. Eventually after few years of using Google, they would be able to learn things about me beyond my consideration! For other related concerns, you might like to check Google is too cpreey on Google Watch for example.

    At 4:04 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You can actually turn off the search "memory". But that's not what pisses me off.

    It should never be a default choice for a company to follow me around electronically. Why would it?

    Google: "Don't be evil" my ass. They're just turning into another Telco.

    By the way, my icon won't appear here as I don't wish to sign in at the moment.



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