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05 February 2007

Lies, Damn Lies, and the MPAA

--Via BoingBoing

Recently the MPAA and associates whined that they might have to delay movie releases in Canada by as much as two weeks; because Canada was the source of most camcorder copying. They claimed that Canada needed stronger copyright laws, as indeed the New Conservative New Green Government (Conservative) of Canada (New) is mulling over.

I smell a PR campaign, and a rat. After all, as Michael Geist points out in his column.
The MPAA's own website specifically points to Canada as an example of how many countries have legislation that prohibit illegal camcording. The movie lobby group states that "in Canada camcording is an infringement under the Copyright Act, regardless of whether it is for the public or personal use of the person making the copy."
So why this stream of articles highlighting alleged piracy in Canada? Could it have to do with the company the Minister has been keeping?

For doing exactly the same things, Bev Oda's predecessor, Sam Bulte, got booted out. Time for the other shoe to punt, I think.


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