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13 February 2007

Drumming: A Fine Art

In theory I'm not opposed to drumming. As ex-front man for more than a couple of bands I'd go so far as to say that nothing rocks without the drums. The brief bout of spontaneous party percussion lasting until the drummer passes out or forgets what he was doing? Fine.

However the drummer who has been standing on the street near my office door should be forced to drum in a soundproof room until his forearms wear off.

Half-an-hour is fine. Three hours of stoned, rhythmic whopping is justification for homicide. Thank the FSM for the internet, where YouTube offers an (ahem) harmonious solution:

Rita Moreno. My kinda woman!


At 1:43 p.m., Anonymous G Eagle Esq said...

Monsieur Metro


Yr ob servt


At 9:55 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

Indeed. And what's more, hubba hubba.

At 1:35 p.m., Anonymous S Girl said...

Wow, she looks great. Red is her color. How old is this video?

At 8:17 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Well the Muppet Show debuted in 1979, and this was one of the shows in the first season.

I know 'cos I bought the first season on DVD as a treat last Xmas.


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