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23 February 2007

Co-Incidence? Could be.

As reported at the CBC, a beaver was seen in New York for the first time in 200 years. Which explains much about the state's junior senator.

In possibly unrelated news, Britney Spears checked her car-wreck of a sick-little-girl self into rehab, for the third damn time, to avoid having to pay child support to Kevin Federline, which would result in the classic trailer-trash happy ending being completly gender-reversed. No word on where her beaver was last seen, but everyone now knows she's shaved.

In totally unrelated news, after only a single week of silence, Metro is unable to shut up.


At 5:06 p.m., Anonymous archie said...

Beavers have been appearing everywhere in your absense.

At 6:42 p.m., Anonymous PJ said...

Beavers... reminds me of this cartoon.

Britney's having a meltdown, all right. She attacked a photographer's car with an umbrella. She pulls these stunts, and *doesn't* expect the paparazzi to follow her around??

At 11:25 a.m., Anonymous G Eagle Esq said...

Metro ".. Metro is unable to shut up"

Monsieur Metro

Ausgezeichnet [Excellent]

We all enjoy your Blogs ... keep them coming

Yr obedt servt etc


At 2:52 p.m., Blogger mur said...

Well, I'm impressed metro, a non-australian that likes vegemite is very rare. But junket?...blech! Almost as off-putting as britters bald beaver ;)

At 3:40 p.m., Anonymous Metro said...

@Arch: I wondered where the little buggers had got to. All the way to Oz, eh?

@PJ: Truly, you hate to watch but you can't look away. Presumably the strain of being rich and famous is just too much. Fortunately there's Scientology to help with the first issue. And if she could just behave like a civilized human instead of a refugee from the chimp cage she might be able to take care of the second.

@ Meineer Eagle:
Why thank you. I suppose I'll have to start acknowledging you as my Third Avid Fan--which entitles you to sign "First-called" after your name, reimburses to you in valuable "Octo-points" any contributions made to endangered cephalopod shelters, and gets you ten percent off on Thursdays at Walt's House of Liquor and Temporary Tree-Octopus Petting Zoo.

Mur: Actually, I was born in NSW. Vegimite may be in my blood as much as maple syrup, and in its way no less tastily, as a number of mosquitos the size of Sikorskys might attest.


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