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08 January 2007

Variations on Video

I dislike nostalgia. That hideous and soul-warping desire for the things, people, and places of time gone by. Because it's not exactly that; is it, really?

It's about the potential we had, the things we think we would have done, the chances we would have taken, the mistakes we wouldn't have made.

While stumbling around looking for some entirely different stuff I ran into some old friends.

First we have the 80's combo Frozen Ghost. It's a little ditty about censorship.

I think that, were I sent back to live my life anew, I would make the same damn stupid mistakes I made in the first place.

Nostalgia ain't what it used to be. And you can have it. This, though, may possibly be my favourite tune ever, so you can't have it, but I'll share.

As for me, when nostalgia looms I like to rock with it, as far as possible:

One of the best things about aging is that at some point you no longer give a $#!7 who notices you shaking your ass, for example at the kitchen sink.

One last look in The Box, and you can Carry On.

Except that that may not be nostalgia, quite, anymore. After a fifteen-year absence, The Box put out an album in 2005. It's only one original member, but Jean Marc Pisapia was probably the heart and soul of the original outfit anyway.

The new album is a concept piece that sounds a little like Yes, a little like Floyd, and entirely like something genuinely new. "So Beautiful", rumour has it, is a good track to listen to.


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