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15 January 2007

Thou Shalt Digest The Venom Of Thy Spleen

Indeed, this is what's happening over at KFSO. For those of you who tuned in late, there's a good summary here.

I was honoured this weekend by a visit from Spocko, of Spocko's Brain, and by Ripley from Blogintegrity and Daily Kos, and other places and publications. Spocko's just made the New York Times.

These guys are way bigger guns than this blog is used to. So what better time for an update? Since many people better-favoured than myself are taking notes these days, I'll just link to them. From A Call to Action's Joe Conason. From his Salon story:
"Like many right-wingers, the KSFO crew can dish it out, but they can't take it. Their feelings get hurt when anyone slaps back. On July 10, New York Times columnist Frank Rich published a Sunday column identifying Morgan as part of a "get the press lynch mob." Although Rich didn't urge any summary punishment for her, Morgan reacted the next day by calling him "one of the meanest liberals that's on staff there in the columns department" and wrongly accused him and other Times staffers of having "lied about what I've actually said." (In the same breath she made a similar bogus complaint about a column I wrote for Salon.)
Then she and her crew came up with a new position regarding what should happen to those journalists whom she deems traitors."

I can't believe the House of Mouse is still standing up for these people. Confronted by their violent, jingoistic, sadistic jerk-fantasies on tape they say "Oh, we were just kidding--and you're meanies".

Not, however, meanies who gush orgiastically at the prospect of adding genital torture to the already-delightful and just death penalty. Not meanies who suggest hog-tying people and burning them alive. Not meanies who suggest that journalists or editors should be electrocuted. Not meanies who like the idea of killing millions of Muslims, or who try to force a man to violate his faith live on the air, nor meanies who say that reporting the truth should carry the death penalty.

Doubtless they'd reccomend such treatment to Spocko. Who is a meanie for calling "bullshit" on them and asking their advertisers if they really meant to pay for this.

Go read the NYT business-section column. A little gem from KFSO's anti-meanie whingefest:
But Ms. Morgan added that her words were obviously a political metaphor that had to be distorted by critics to appear violent.

Yeah, lotta distortion needed, given the other comments you've made, Mel. If you can't recall offhand any offensive or violent remark you might have made, you can listen to them here. But I'd take some Pepto-Bismol first.

Okay--one more:
When reached at his office, KSFO-AM’s program director, Ken Berry, said he felt “the three-hour broadcast best spoke for us” and referred other questions to ABC. An ABC spokeswoman had no comment.

Cohen, however, gets it wrong when he describes Spocko as "the lead blogger". It could have been any of us. We weren't waiting for our equivalent of Muad'dibh, The One, or Luke Starkiller to lead us on some campaign. KFOS whined to its lawyers when they found advertisers were pulling out after hearing exactly what they'd paid for when they sponsored these shows. ABC/Disnazi then just did its business the way it usually does, and wound up sticking its big stompy foot into a hornet's nest. The rest is unfolding history.

KFOS has apparently launched its own blogs to counter their own vile press. But do I really want to read someone who's as enthusiastic about torture and murder as these people are trying to defend hate speech under the First Amendment?


At 11:49 a.m., Anonymous blogicalthought said...

One has to wonder if the bloggers who continue to perpetuate this propaganda realize the average American has the resources to go back through historically cached internet sites and to research the backgrounds of the individuals who are posting? And one has to wonder if the attitude of the blogger is that the average American is basically dumb and will buy into it?

Its clear this is merely a group of individuals who meet yearly at an conference called Eschacon, sponsored by Duncan Black of Media Matters, a liberal propaganda internet media rag, paid for by George Soros. If you look at the names of the bloggers and their blogs, it is easy to see most were in attendance at that conference. And one can see the names of the Democrat candidates who were also at that conference. Further, one can see the photographs of the individuals who attended.

Further internet research indicates that most of those individuals have an average of three to five different blogs apiece that they have been posting this story on and the responses to those blogs are again, from the same individuals who were at the above conference. This is clearly indicated by an internet search of Ripley and his activities.

Couple this information with the blogger, Spocko, who has put out false and erroneous information to advertisers in an effort to close down the conservation radio station, KSFO and try to get the talk show hosts off the air. Internet research indicates Spocko has held a long termed relationship with Media Matters, posting on their website since 2005. However one will not find it within the Media Matters current archives. Those archives were removed, in hopes the “average American” would simply give up at the initial level of research. However, if one to view the “cached versions” of those archives, they would see Spocko posting the results, thus far, of his war. Further, if one were to research Spocko’s posts, they would find one on the internet that indicates he is working for Media Matters on this project and is asking an individual to try to gain legal assistance for him from the EFF. One such post by Spocko is where he refers to posters writing posts in the manner “Media Matters wants us to write them.”

If one were to research Michael Stark, who has claimed to organize these bloggers (which were previously organized at the Eschacon Conferences since 2005 when Media Matters first began) one would find a 38 year old, previously divorced waiter from Pennsylvania, who was attending his first year of law school in Virginia, who states in his biographies to be a Marine (not a former Marine or a Veteran who may or may not have served over twenty years ago) who stalked a Republican candidate this last autumn and battered individuals who present at a Republican function. Further, they would find he receives compensation as a reporter for Air America, the competitive radio station which is financed by George Soros. Not very ethical, however it is not something you will hear from Media Matters who claims to be an ethical watchdog for the media. In fact, he reports for them, as well.

Though the bloggers are claiming to advocate free speech, while trying to thwart the speech of others, I doubt this post will remain up long because they want the “average American” to buy their propaganda in an attempt to limit the rights afforded to those who think differently than they do.

Not very American, is it? But, think about it…Spocko’s new co-host on his website is NOT an America, but someone from Canada. Fortunately, the “average American” is smart enough to research on the internet, despite the Progressive Democrats obvious view that they will buy into their political campaign. Unfortunately, the journalists at the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle have not done their homework and research or allowed themselves to be cherry picked by Media Matters to write what Media Matters desired and not the truth.

At 12:54 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

So there's a possibility that Spocko might be some sort of agent for a "conspiracy" to hold media accountable? Well god help us, eh?

Ripley posts at Daily Kos and Blogintegrity, among others--and freely admits it. Makes you wonder, doesn't it.

And one has also to wonder about internet blog trolls who stick posts on other people's comment sections but don't have a blog of their own.

What "Strategic PR" firm do you work for, o thou unlinked troll of mystery?

If Spocko's just another professional liberal hack, why did ABC/Disney try to shut him down? They could presumably have afforded to ignore him, no? Or out him when the NYT called ABC for a quote?

But when KFSO's pocketbook was threatened they did not approach their advertisers with a sensible explanation. They sued a "fifth-tier" blogger's ISP. Why? What have they to hide?

The clips are broadcast--free to all and are part of the public record. One might expect that KFSO would wish to go their advertisers and explain that they were being slandered, that the clips were out of context and misused.

But they didn't, because the clips are true, and Spocko gave them all the context they need.

What "inaccuracies" do you find in the audio clips?

Are you saying that the advertisers pulled their ads in response to Spocko's letter without first confirming that what they were paying to put on the air was the same as the soundfiles sent to them by this a)nobody or b) leftwing media saboteur?

Get a clue--you can probably buy one cheap on eBay. See if you can find two, in fact, one for your corporate masters.

Since the truth was hurting financially, KFSO/ABC/Disney decided instead to kill the messenger.

"Propaganda", my hairy butt. Who posts are propaganda, blogical-without-a-link?

Yes, Spocko's cause has been taken up and reposted at several places within the blogosphere, some via Media Matters and related sites.

And oddly enough, many of them are what KFOS whiningly refers to as "Lie-berals".

Truly astounding. That "liberal" bloggers should oppose a right-wing nutjob radio station's using its parentcorp's muscle to squash dissent--whoda thunk? Amazing.

Got anything for an encore? I'm still waiting to be impressed by your deductive abilities; by your argumentation strategies--or your English skills, really. A little tip: Learn not to fear the apostrophe. "It's" our friend.

Oh--and I'm Canadian, by the way. KFOS would thankfully not be a problem here.

And that, O Avid Fans, is the last batch of electrons I'm going to waste on this "blogical" hack. I'm not banning him--free speech is part of what this whole thing's about. But he's clearly Googling the case and spam-commenting bloggers who have taken up the story.

Hopefully he'll be back--I'll let Raincoaster have 'im next time.

At 1:08 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

Alas--standing too close to internet trolls has ruined my English skills.

Rather than do as a rightwing talk-show host and pretend I never did it, I humbly confess to having left in the sentence "Who posts are propaganda?"

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa o Avid Fan. Of course I meant to say:

"Whose posts are propaganda?"

(The answer can be seen here)

At 2:58 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Metro Man!

Hooking up jumper cables to one's sack is actually quite fun. Don't knock it unless you've tried it, you mofo!

Hugs and kisses


At 3:22 p.m., Blogger Metro said...


You may find it a great way to relax--takes all sorts, eh? Perhaps you should meet with the manly men and women of KFSO?

I prefer some soothing jazz, myself.

At 4:21 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Metro Dude:

I listened to some of the audio clips from KSFO. Those are some seriously fukt people.

Good thing we don't have those types in Canader, eh?


PS: Duke Ellington is king!


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