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09 January 2007

Tell Me Again

As I asked before: Who exactly IS ABC/Disney working for?
[Blogger] Spocko is repulsed by the kind of venom spewed out across the radio airwaves regularly by right wing bigots and hatemongers -- in his case, specifically KFSO in the Bay Area. Unlike a lot of Americans, Spocko did something about it: he documented their comments.
--From Whiskey Fire And thanks to Jesus' General.

Spocko's ISP shut him down under legal threats from the Rat Shack.
Why me? I’m not the one saying journalists should be hanged, thieves should be tortured and killed, people should be burned alive, stomped to death or have their testicles cut off. I’m not the one saying that millions of Muslims should be killed on the presumption that they are extremists or just because they live in Indonesia . I’m not the one who says that lying is as natural as breathing to Egyptians and Arabs or demanding that a [Muslim] caller “Say Allah is a Whore” to prove he is not an Islamist. I’m simply documenting this speech and providing it to the people who are paying KSFO hosts on commercially supported broadcast radio.

It may be impossible to find out how many fingers ABC/Rathaus has in various pies, but I intend as full a commercial boycott as possible.

However, what intrigues me is the very sound ideas Spocko offers for combating hate radio whackjobs (they're at the bottom of the page at that last link). In brief:

1) Listen to them.
2) Record significant hate speeches.
3) Send letters and selected samples to the sponsors asking why they support this kind of behaviour.
4) Duck.

Why duck? 'Cos Disney has big lawyers; and 'cos the people who are let out to host these talk shows are both criminally insane and gun nuts.

But the people who actually enjoy hearing this stuff are a minority. When radical Christianists tried to stop Ford from running gay-friendly ads, the support of normal people got them back in the game.

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster I live in a country where hate speech is actually a criminal matter. Hopefully that'll keep even the satellite channels from broadcasting these putrescent, paranoid, prejudiced, pusillanimous picanthropi.

PS: If your ears can stand it, here are some of the things said on that Bastion of Facism, KSFO--Radio for Rabid Rightwing Rodents.

I'm less interested in the content than the hypocrisy. Who, listening to these people could believe, for example, that Christianity is a religion of peace? Or that most Americans don't in fact want to kill massive quantities of brown people for being brown?

Yet if I ran an anti-christian, or pro-gay radio talk show, Donald and the Wildmon bunch would be on my ass like vultures on a week-old pig carcass.

Were I an Al-Qaeda type, I'd play these sound bites at my terrorist training facilities to show the boys what they're fighting against. I'd also have them translated and taught to young radical Imams so they could learn how to preach the hatred that breeds terrorism.

Update: The story has a happy ending; it turns out Spocko won. Score one for free speech in America. Presumably ABC/Disney will now stop sponsoring Nazism?


At 4:44 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post. Now all we need is a list of current advertisers. I checked some of the links, but no one seems to have posted one as yet. A boycott may be a good idea so long as ABC/Disney knows its happening and why.


At 5:07 p.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

Spocko has not won. The whole mess proceeds apace: what did happen is that one advertiser withdrew their money AND he got a new website for now. The struggle continues.


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