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11 January 2007

It Ain't Over

Till some lard-butted radio host gets $#!7canned, one hopes.

I wrongfully thought Spocko had won. I was wrongful. So I'm sending you all to Spocko's Brain until I have anything to post about. I'm adding him to the blogroll too.
Well some time tonight I think a story about this issue will hit the wires. I don’t know what it will say, probably something like, “KSFO issues challenge to blogger, calls him a coward for not identifying himself, demands he submit for bullying on the radio for his sins of letting [sic] "Our Advertisers Hear What We Were Broadcasting”.

To anyone out there who does any advertising: the second I hear your name on a radio station that features Rush, Savage Nation, or the rest of the maddened crowd, you won't be able to pry another dime out of my pocket with a crowbar.

But you might want to advertise on Jesus' General, Spocko's Brain, or one of the other fine-quality free-speech blogs out there.


At 11:23 p.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

Spocko's been one of my faves since the time he said I was great. Ah, the glory days.


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