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20 January 2007

I Am Reminded

Archie and healingmagichands have conspired to awake one of the legends of my past.

When I was a wee, stroller-bound thing, my parents lived in a little coastal town. Mum was fond of swimming and beaches, having won medals as a kid. With local mean temperatures averaging 25 dgrees Celsius or so our daily routine often involved a stop at the beach.

The path to the sand led between a couple of high bluffs, and one day as Mum pushed the stroller between them she heard a voice call out to her:

"Hey! ..."

She stopped and looked around.

"Hey! Up here!"

Mum lifted her head to look, and was confronted by a man in a raincoat. And nothing else. Visibly nothing else. But the man had reckoned without a woman who'd taught Catholic school.

Mum stabbed a finger at him and roared:


And the man closed up his coat and ran away.

Later on Mum was talking to some other young matrons and discovered that this person had been making the daily commute uncomfortable for a number of women in the area. But to the best of my knowledge he didn't try it again.


At 10:14 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

I jabbed a flasher with my umbrella in a stairwell to the subway station in Osaka. Then I fake-chased him through the underground shopping-centre maze (I only made it out to look like I was chasing him everytime he turned around. I didn't go out of my way).
I wonder if he ever flashed again...



At 3:10 p.m., Anonymous archie said...

"If you've seen one, you've seen all
Tho yours is remarkably small!"

At 6:20 p.m., Anonymous PJ said...

When my sister and I were children, my mother, no lie, taught us what to say if we were ever flashed: "That looks like a penis, only smaller!" And point, laugh, run away. Unfortunately I'm still waiting for an opportunity to use that line, and it didn't seem appropriate for blind dates.

At 12:18 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

In related news: did you ever wonder what they wear under those robes?


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