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04 January 2007

How Bad is It, Doc?

The Bush administration has tended to imitate, to a large extent, that which it claims to be fighting.

As the new legislative season opens, can America be brought back from the brink? Do the Democrats, bluntly, have the balls? Can they find the fortitude to make the changes that will surely anger 27 percent of Americans, who still admire George W. Bush & his unsavoury friends in spite of all the harm they've done?

Now some of you who grew up under the heavy hand of this administration may not know what I'm talking about, given the determined effort from the White House to convince you that the nation has always acted this way.

But you see, the Bush administration has made, particularly in the past five years, a huge number of changes to the national, political, and social landscape that have been seen before; In places like Italy (1922) and Germany (1933). Separately only a few of these changes might seem sinister, but taken all together they paint a picture more frightening than a 300-pound cellmate who wishes Anita Bryant would just butt out. And for similar reasons.

Read this and think deeply.

The question is: Can America be saved?

Give it to me straight, Doc. I can take it.


At 6:06 p.m., Blogger Norlinda said...

I'm at chapter 3 of Chomsky's latest book Failed States. It's a slow read only because he throws facts, quotes, and history into each and every page. I've come to the conclusion that even though the Bush family has worsened the state of his nation and the world, having another president in his place won't really make much of a difference. After all, it seems (according to Chomsky) all the recent ex-presidents seem to be maintaining some sort of status-quo agenda, along with the senior adminstration staff, Congress, Senate etc. Of course I'm ever hopeful for change, but the person needed for that has to be fearless and extremely savvy---two characteristics that may not necessarily go hand-in-hand.

At 9:33 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

I feel that Chomsky is a bit gloomy and paranoid, not to mention anti-American beyond the likely bounds of civility.

All the US needs is a real president, like Kennedy, or even Ford, again, instead of this lurching, gibbering hypocrite they've managed to saddle themselves with.

Of course the process by which these people are elected could definitely use some scrutiny.

Obama 2008! Or even Hilary.


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