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05 January 2007

But the Sleaze Goes On

Not the money kind, but the signing statement kind.

George W. Bush, who claims the constitution is all the authority he needs, repeatedly undermines that document with his famous signing statements.

Signing statements, historically, exist to allow the president to clarify a law or express an opinion. Bush uses them to invent his own laws.

A lot. Like this one--and it's a doozy:

First he claimed he could record what you read at the library. Then he said he could tap your phone without cause or judicial interference.

Now he says he's allowed to read Americans' mail.

I'm glad I live in a constitutional monarchy. At least the Queen doesn't pretend she's allowed to read my love letters without reason or authorization.

How long before he applies this (lack of) principle to e-mail? Oops--too late.


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