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23 January 2007

Another Nail in the Coffin

"Intelligent Design" theory has few arguments against evolution. And another has recently bitten the dust.

One of the common questions IDers ask people who disagree with them is: "Well ... where are the transitional forms, huh?"

Then they cross their arms and smirk in a satisfied way.

Sighing tiredly, the defender of reason says "Well for starters there are creodonts, then there's archaeopteryx, then lungfish, and ..."

"Ah, ah, ah!" says the ignoramus proudly "Those are seperate species, not transitions. After all, if birds evolved from dinosaurs, shouldn't we see some birds that share more with lizards than a few scales? Shouldn't there be an experimental design or two that, in accordance with (simpers and makes "quote mark" sign with fingers) evolution, died out because they weren't adapted to survive?"

In the past you had to drag out the archaeopteryx (which by now would be getting restless and grumpy) and explain the link, pointing at suitable bits of anatomy and probably getting snapped at. By both the birdosaur and the "intelligent" design-er.

Now you need only say:
"Funny you should mention that."

This tiny little beauty had four wings and a long bony tail (the bony tail, for the benefit of the ID types, not being a feature of modern birds). In other words it looked like a really odd lizard.

But don't let me stop you from believing Pat Robertson. After all, he can leg press two thousand pounds at the age of 80, so I'm not gonna ₤µ¢λ with him.

I actually can accept intelligent intelligent design theory--though I hope I'll never believe it. My Catholic father told me when I was 11 or so that God gave everything a push, and then pretty much let nature--and evolution--take its course.


At 6:14 a.m., Blogger Philipa said...

Good post and I like your dad's perspective.

There are so many alternatives though:

God created everything and watches us like a lab experiment.

God created everything, gave us a push and is er.. waiting for us in 'heaven'

God created everything and bogged off to do something more interesting somewhere else in the universe.

There is no God

There are many Gods

God created Man when he happened upon the planet Earth



What all this has to do with the price of tomatoes though I can't work out. People are actually being paid, their life's work, to research this ID theory. Why??? To convert us yes, to save us? No.

At 8:30 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

I find the idea of an ADD god both appealing and disturbing, but it would certainly explain a great deal.

At least as good an explanation as this.


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