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30 December 2006

Why The ₤µ©λ Isn't This Guy Prime Minister?

What did you do on Christmas morning?

Newfoundlanders are a rare, wonderful, warm group. It's the oldest colony in Canada although it was the last to join Confederation. And we haven't yet had a Prime Minister from there. That's wrong and sad. It's time we corrected the situation.

Think about it--who's more politically aware than a comedian? He's from Canada's most impoverished province, used to be the poster boy for climate change until the Conservatives stuffed the funding, and he's probably more recognizeable than Harper.

Best of all--he's politically liberal, yet is willing to put aside his differences with conservatives to help acheive goals. And to top it all off he's promoting (a charity you should make a lousy ten-dollar donation to before you finish reading this post).

Though he's lately done some things that might be politically opportunistic, such as sleeping over at Steve Harper's place, he is a man whose time has come.

Rick Mercer for Prime Minister!


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