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20 December 2006

Irving's History

As I said earlier: criminalizing these idiots only allows them to whet their hatreds.

David Irving "self-taught historian" has been released from jail in Austria and is being told to get out of town by sundown.

To restate the old saw: "A self-taught man has a fool for a pupil" (and that goes double for home-school parents).

"The seriousness of theses offences," though, "cannot be underestimated" according to the prosecutor.

She's absolutely right. It is only through being constantly dragged into court that these people get their views aired.

Let these people say what they like. Let Irving and his ilk howl and gibber on the margins of history.

It is much more important to educate those living in countries like Iran, who haven't even heard the word "Holocaust".


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