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15 November 2006

Robots of Ages Past

I blogged once, long, long ago, about one of my favourite Sesame Street characters. His name was Sam, and in the modern politically correct terminology he was a silicon citizen, a ferro-American. A robot. In fact, Sam moved, sounded, and looked a great deal like a Sesame Street Dalek.

Sam's purpose was to provide for humans anything they wanted or needed. Unfortunately he suffered from severe hubris. He was convinced that machines were perfect, not in a vain way, but with the blind acceptance of pure, unconfirmable faith, and despite clear evidence to the contrary.

Two years or so ago I searched the internet for any picture of Sam. Today, I found not merely a still pic, but video! For the first time in over mumble-mumble years I watched him try and make it to a hot date. And as they say on Sesame Street and Bittorrent, it's nice to share. Please enjoy:


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