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08 November 2006


He's not a sacrfice to the true believers, oh no!

Rummy now says it was the prospect of congressional criticism that made him step down.

That is to say, now that he may be subject to genuinely independant oversight, he feels it's time to run.

More succinctly: he can't take the heat, so he's getting out of the kitchen.

Quite right too. And only three or four years too late.

Note to Self: Honesty Always

My Avid Fans (both of you) know which way I lean. I am a conservative.

For this reason I have been riddling with rhetorical grapeshot the "big-government, high debt, zero-compassion, value$-based" government of George the Younger as represented by the Repulican-dominated House and Senate.

Here today is my promise that I shall do my damndest to hold the Democratic House and/or Senate to the same minimum standard. Corruption and hypocrisy are as revolting in the blues as they were in the reds.

Of course, they may make it easier for me. The Dems rarely trumpet their "values"--and oddly enough don't seem to be plagued with the same scale of scandals. I think also, that the Republicans bring to the table people who consider themselves "hard-headed" and "not afraid to get their hands dirty". As indeed we have seen. The trouble is that this "pragmatism" leads to a father-knows-best attitude, without the requisite internal checks and balances one needs to lead honestly. Consider the Bush cabinet, for a horrid example.

But now that they're not so freaked about being labelled "traitors" or "soft on terror" maybe the Dems'll find the moral fortitude to take firm positions on the values that make America American. Freedom of the individual, the concept (lately out of favour) of justice ...

But they say power corrupts, so we'll see.


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