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30 November 2006

Okay, So Last Post Was A Downer

But we're doing okay today, so I thought I'd join the quiz meme. As the saying goes, Resistance is Useless. Hmmm--where did I get that from?

Kinda sounds like me, no?

You might wanna turn the sound down for that one.

Update Raincoaster points out that the link above just gets you to the Liquid Generation homepage. The quiz is here.


At 1:12 a.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

Very nice. Did you see they have one where you have to ID the Bond Girl Boobies? You should do well in that one.

At 1:57 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

You're just jealous 'cos you turned out to be a jawa.

At 2:50 a.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

No, actually I couldn't find that quiz on the site. Clicking on the image only took me to the front page, loaded with boobie-identifying quizzes. I did very well, though, on the "Identify these celebrity zombies". The only one I got wrong was Angelina Jolie, and that's because if you saw her in her goth phase you would know she already looks like an undead version of Neve Campbell.

At 5:33 a.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

Palpatine. No real surprise there.

At 11:50 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boba Fett.


At 10:56 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

When it comes to ID'ing people by their boobs, RC, I'm really more of a touchy-feely kinda guy.

But you as Palpatine? I suppose it'd go well with your delusions of grandeur ...

IH--I'm astounded. No really. And as soon as I find my astounded face I will put it on, so that you can see how astounded I am.


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