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13 November 2006

An Inane Question From Metro

When was the last time you heard someone whistling as they walked down the street?

It seems to me that we've gotten too serious, too cool. Even kids no longer bowl along the avenues swinging their arms and bellowing at the tops of their lungs. And we did. It's not something I dream was true but isn't.

Now I see people walking up the street listening on their 'pods to music no-one else can hear, and not sharing it. When we are tempted to bob our heads or do a funky strut we seem overcome with shyness. So we walk stiff.

Today as I walked into town with my own Yepp popping and snapping David Wilcox in my ears, I found myself warbling along. It's reasonably safe from embarrassment--the streets are cold and the hour is early. But it was fun.

So today perhaps you should sing a little, cut a groove on the sidewalk, doubleback and jive, ignoring the stares if any of strangers on the street. And if they stare, remember that part of it will be raw envy.
Now all of you people,
when I say 'jump',
I want you to jump in the air.

I want you to jump in the air,
and stay there.
--David Wilcox, Rockin' the Boogie


At 9:15 a.m., Blogger Alabaster Crippens said...

I'll have you know that I was whistling humming and singing as I walked back from work the other night. It all depends on my mood. I used to hide behind my minidisc player (occasionally singing along and then getting self conscious) but that kept breaking. Nothing wrong with a good sing song...keeps the strangers on their toes. And occasionally people join in... never once has it developed into a fully blown dance number though...which is a shame.
Anyway. I sing and skip and dance and whistle whenever I feel cheerful and confident. When I don't I keep my head as high as I can and don't let on quite how miserable I might be. And there's nothing like smiling like you know something nobody else does. I always love watching people who walk around with a smile on their face. It cheers me up even if I can't tell why they're smiling. It's half of the fun just working it out.
So there.

At 1:22 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

Re: public bopping.
It IS neccessary to use some circumspection--otherwise the other people at the service are likely to stare.

"Keep smiling--it makes them wonder what you're up to."

At 9:03 a.m., Blogger Lori said...

It's interesting how few people bop to their headphone music -- in 7 years of taking daily transit in Vancouver, I only ever saw two. One a blond with long, gorgeous, perfectly quoifed hair -- probably wanted everyone to look at it while she bopped her head to show her hair to advantage. And one teenager who was oblivious to the world around him.


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