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16 November 2006

I Swear the Steel Plate in My Groin's Picking Up Discovery Channel!

This may have become my favourite food porn subject: banana porn. Forget mango porn--its time is past.

What happened was that when I discovered the video in the post below, I also dicovered this video here. It's still there because I'm too clueless to get GPrime's embedding to work.

So I decided to see if it was on YouTube. It is:

But in searching for it, I was overwhelmed. How many mad people are out there posting video of their pussies with bananas?

So glad you asked that question. Lemme show you. Note: most of these are crappy little videos with no really worthwhile content--as is, experientially speaking, usually the case with cute cat pictures and video. In fact, I honestly suggest skipping most of them. Take my word for it. It's just that there are so many of the damn things!

However, if you
must watch, I urge you to cut the sound.

Pointless video #1

#2--Part one of a two-parter, can you credit it?

#3--What is the sound of the other shoe dropping?

#4 It was a dark and dorky vid:

#5 Best of the Banana Bunch. Backing track from The Big Lebowski.

#6 A delicious recipe from Africa. Once the cat is wrapped in the banana leaves, simply pop into the oven at 400 degress for eight minutes a pound.

#7 Seven! Seven vondeful veirdos vith video cameras, pussy cats and bananas! Ah-hah-hah-hah-hah!

There were others. But we were starting to get away from ones in which the pussies actually were actually playing with the bananas.

When I am called to judgement, and must stand before my maker, blinking in the glare and thinking $#-eeeee-!7. I honestly didn't think this dude was for real. I guess I'm in the deep warm brown now, I shall defend my actions on Earth by saying: "I didn't mean to be a bad person--I grew up in a twisted, morally corrosive atmosphere of total inhumanity to one's fellow beings." And I shall show this blog posting as proof.

I'll probably get refugee status.


At 7:33 p.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

You didn't get the one with Ernie with a banana in his ear. A poignant early exploration of gay themes on Sesame Street. And Bert's expression is priceless.

At 5:41 a.m., Blogger Philipa said...

I'm not really bad, I'm just drawn that way.

PS: I have a black pussy, she doesn't like playing with bananas though.

At 7:44 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Well, quite so.

I think you've both come here for a different kind of video. Aren't you lucky, o so lucky, that I'm here to serve your needs?

Searching for "kitty banana" on YouTube brings up this little gem. Enjoy, if you're so inclined:

Do It Yourself

Note: you need a YouTube ID to watch this one--you ARE both over 18, right? Or smart enough to fake it?

At 1:16 p.m., Blogger Philipa said...

18 stone? Cheek!
18 years? Bless!

At 1:26 p.m., Blogger Philipa said...

Hey I liked that, she was fun, but her friend bit the banana, I didn't realise you used your teeth. Hmn, you learn something new every day! (and she had a black pussy in the background, did you see? )

At 3:07 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, what boredom hath wrought!


At 11:58 a.m., Blogger Philipa said...

Boredom is the mother of invention.


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