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17 November 2006

I Am Committed To Helping The 'Nets Deliver Its Votes For The General

As a true conservative, complete with red blood, I naturally seek out my own kind out here in the tubes of the internets.

One of the blogs I enjoy is the fundametally manly General JC Christian's Jesus' General. The general is a true American patriot. And consevative? He's so red they're publishing new editions of The General JC Christian Badge of Courage. So red they're releasing a collector's-and-card-carrying-survivalists' DVD edition of the movie General JC Christian Dawn. He's so red that Crayola got sued when they refused to name their reddest crayon "General JC Christian".

The General is everything a true patriot ought to be: loyal, demanding, solidly behind the Great Leader in his holy crusade against Islamofascidefeaticratism, and deeply suspicious of brown people, in Whateveristan or at home.

But the French are perverting the course of democracy by trying to swamp the board in favour of people with, to say the least, dubiously uniheterosexual blogs: "Pirates Cove"? "Captain's Quarters"? Are these true, General JC Christian blooded, conservative-sounding monickers? They also delete pro-uniheterosexual, biblically-approved kinds of votes from the board.

I think we should all get behind the General (in a uniheterosexual and biblically-approved kind of way) and help him snatch back the Webbys from the enemy communislamodefeatofeminicrats.

Please help by going right now to the nomination thread, and exercising your democratic right to vote for General JC Christian, Patriot!

Here are his URL and Atom feed:

Jesus' General

I invite you to copy and paste them into the comment form.

Remember--If you don't then the democrats have already won. Oh, right ...

While you're they're, throw in a vote for Raincoaster. Otherwise she'll complain.

Update: This is beyond a joke. I've voted for Jesus' General three times and it's disappeared every single time. Perhaps they think I'm black?

Update update: Can't post picture. Clearly the French have infiltrated Blogger as well!


At 5:34 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason your "votes" are not showing up is that they are not votes.

They are nominations. And if you read the intro you will see that the management of the contest has labelled all such repeated attempts to "vote" as spam and is deleting them.

If the General has been nominated once, as I'm sure he has been, you need do nothing else. As I understand it, voting isn't open to the public, but the decision is made by committee.

And yes, Blogger is so way fucked today.


At 7:26 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

None of which explains why my first "nomination"--is that a communistic term? appeared on the list and then vanished before I tried to vote a second time.

I still say it's the French at work.

Also: while the decision is open to comittee, they will presumably consider that decision based on the number of times a site is nominated. Otherwise what's the point?

Besides, closed decision by comittee renders the whole "best of the web" ethos questionable.

Or maybe that's the point! I see now--the French are clearly behind this.

At 2:29 p.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

If you think the democratic process always leads to the best being chosen, how do you explain your prime minister?

At 10:35 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

I don't believe "democracy" appeared anywhere in my comment there.

Besides, the General's a republican--Red states know democracy's for sissies.

As for our PM: the process worked. The old lot of bums was thrown out and an even worse load sworn in, thereby assuring another 15 straight years of liberal rule after the next election.


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