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08 November 2006

Good News All Around!

They don't have the Senate yet, but the Democrats have stormed Congress. There's a Muslim congressman. The governor of Massachusetts is black. A woman is Speaker of the House for the first time.

And best of all, Rumsfeld is going! Too much, too little, and 3000 American corpses too late, but finally. He's just a surrogate for now, though. W. had to be seen to be getting the message. And clearly he still doesn't.

The troops are doubtless crying:
"Free at last, free at last--thank God we're free at last!"

Finally America has a democratic government that's worthy of showing off in the world. All they have to do now is prove that the new boss isn't the same as the old boss--for example by repealing Bush's anti-constitutional rules and moving to force him to actually ban torture. Just a suggestion.

All it would take to make it completely civilized is one little impeachment . . .

But I'm still happy.


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