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24 November 2006

Forgot to Blog This

A day ago, plus over forty years, something spectacular and wonderful happened. Doctor Who was broadcast for the first time on November 23rd, 1963.

The twenty-second is known for quite a different reason. As no-one is likely to forget for another fifty years, or until every piece of evidence has been sealed for another century, US president John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot and killed as he rode through Dealy Plaza in Dallas.

Millions of other people have more to say than I on the subject (see "Addenda" below). But this was on my mind a day or two ago as I was walking to work. Peter Gabriel was in my headphones describing how:

They're coming 'round the corner
With the bikers in front
And I'm wiping the sweat from
my eyes

even as I was coming around a corner and nearly walked smack into the car.
The little blue Ford.
With the bumper sticker:


Peter Gabriel's comment:

And I let the bullet


There are lots of places where you can read about what happened in Dallas that day. Penn and Teller dedicated an episode of their program Bullsh*t to conspiracy theories, and spent part of that time unscrewing Kennedy conspiracy screwballs. I may not agree with everything they address on this program, but their stance on conspiracy theories, and particularly on the phrase "nothing can convince me" is soundly and succinctly expressed.

I do believe that there are things that we have not yet been told about the Kennedy assassination. However, I do not feel that a Cuban/mafia/circus midget/CIA conspiracy put into action by Oswald/Ruby/Bobby/Marilyn will be one of the things we will eventually find out.

The government of the United States recently resealed the records for a while. I feel they did this for economic reasons. The taxes off the trade in badly-written paranoid screed, videotapes with production values like 1950's porn, and the rantings of bloggers who can't spell probably pay the whole security budget for Area 52.

What's area 52? Well it's the super-secret actual location of Area 51. That air base they opened in the desert is a decoy. Don't believe me? Look--I have some photos--you can see for yourself ...

More interesting Bullsh*t about the so-called moon landings:


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