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07 November 2006

Finally We Agree on Something!

History is made today as I find myself in agreement with Dubya on probably the first and last thing upon which we'll ever agree:
"No matter what your party affiliation or if you don't have a party affiliation, do your duty, cast your ballot and let your voice be heard."
--Via Yahoo! News

Elsewhere, the Republicans are doing business as usual--intimidating voters with threatening phone calls (tip of the Fifty-Mission Cap to the General), busing the homeless in to hand out fake voting guides, and the usual bag o' tricks so well honed by Karl Rove & co.

Diebold, of course is helping to deliver votes to the president. Although there seems to be a glitch--one Republican candidate's vote got rejected too. It is ridiculous, given the number of mistakes and problems they've had, that black-box voting should be treated as an acceptable voting method.


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