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09 November 2006

The Democrats Take the Senate

The concession of Mr. Allen leaves the Dems plus independants in control. Or the Republicans, if Joe Lieberman's going to be his momentumous self.

Is it appropriate or ironic that today in 1945 marked the beginning of the Nuremberg trials?

Today too, Markus Wolf, the East German spymaster who inspired John Le Carré's "Karla" died. He was one of the original Nuremberg correspondents.

Read his account, taken down last year, of what he saw in Nuremberg.
"Perhaps I was naïve, but I had seen the photographs of all these Nazi leaders, in all their former pomp and glory. Then, in Nuremberg, I saw normal, simple people sitting in the dock. They seemed like staff in a railway station or in a post office. [...] We must not forget that many Germans supported Hitler, he came to power with the help of German capitalists and business leaders.

When you think of that time, so many people looked away from the crimes that were going on before their own eyes."

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