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21 November 2006

Corruption Incoming

Via the ever-entertaining Waiter Rant.

Why is it once you elect a man he starts thinking he oughta go to the head of the lineup?

This is worrying. The Dems have had the house for what, two weeks? And someone was dumb enough to either let Edwards do this or do it for him, without any concern for democracy--which even more than communism espouses standing quietly and diplomatically in lines, waiting your turn--or even for the look of the thing.

It's a tiny thing, but if power were to be considered a diet (and in a democracy power should be sparingly rationed indeed), corruption is a sandwich.

It starts with a little bread and butter. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Of course, to have a sandwich, you need filling, and a top slice. So yeah, it's a little higher in fat and calories, but it's really just bread-and-butter with a little extra. And that's okay--power does come with its perks, not particularly democratic, exactly, but an accepted part of the job.

But you can't have just white bread and turkey--y'need some mayo in there. And while we're at it why not some bacon? Hell, throw in another slice of bread and make it a club. Speaking of clubs senator--why don't you join me on the yacht next weekend ...

Soon your local senator/congressman/MP/MLA is slurping down a hoagie and thinking: "Okay--so I blew my diet just this once ..." or "Well those Wal-Mart folks don't really need a raise, do they?"

Then he's doing a perp walk under a jacket--or simply silently and suddenly disappearing from the public eye, and thinking: "Oh come ON people! I only nibbled a little ..."

Or as a famous woman once said "The serpent tempted me, and I ate."


At 1:35 a.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

Well that link charmingly froze my computer, but if it's the story from a few days ago about Edwards leaning on Walmart to let him jump the line for a PS3, you should know that subsequent to that he went on an anti-Walmart rant claiming moral high ground. It's somewhere on YouTube if you want to look for it. Then again, Edwards was BORN with a sense of entitlement; in that, he's no different from Dubya.

At 8:48 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Don't you mean "my computer isn't equipped to handle that link"?

Just seeking clarity here ...

Perhaps I'll look that rant up. Although recent political behaviour means that typing "rant" into YouTube is like typing "porn" into Google.

Don't these people realize? There's a camera--there's always a camera.

At 5:45 a.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

You misunderstand on so many levels.

1) a server delivering an ad to that page failed to do so properly, so the page froze for three hours, until the server worked again.

2) Edwards was ranting specifically for the camera. He was yammering about how people shouldn't shop at Walmart because it's evil. Right after he'd tried to shop at Walmart and they wouldn't do him a favour.

What they really never realize is that some people can put two and two together.


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