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21 October 2006

Well This Oughta Cut Down on Car Theft!

Ontario has decided to pilot the use of Segways by postal carriers, people with disabilities, and cops.

The idea of cops on Segways is fine, if funny. I'm not going to say anything about it being as authoritative as a unicycle. Perhaps we should just issue them standard clown shoes too?

What would a Segway Police Interceptor Special look like? Would Sheriff Lobo still command respect--would your reflection still tremble in those mirrored shades? Consider the first time you saw some doughnut-padded Lord of the Law pedalling around on his mountain bike. Did you not snicker until milk squirted from your nose?

Presumably you'll have to demonstrate your skills before being allowed to operate one. After-all, the self-balancing Segway has proven itself beyond the abilities of some.


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