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05 October 2006

The Double Standard

Many people have claimed that the $#!7storm Mark Foley is facing from the world is "gay-bashing"--in fact, "Family Guy" Newt Gingrich has stated that of course Foley had to be left alone by the GOP leadership to pursue pages. Otherwise it would have been gay-bashing!

And we all know how anxious the Republicans and their friends are to avoid gay-bashing.

Correction: In this post I originally made the claim that Steve Sailer had made the gay-bashing claim. I was wrong. While Mr. Sailer is the source of the quote below, he has not equated criticism of Mr. Foley to gay-bashing. I humbly apologise for the error, and thank him for drawing it to my attention.

Some have said that the Democrats and friends are the ones who are gay-bashing poor Mr. Foley. They are saying that people who say the GOP should have $#!7-canned Mr. Foley the second his predilection for midnight mail was brought to the attention of Republican leaders (two years or more ago by some sources) weren't so vocal on the issue of queers in the military or the scouts.

The double standard here does exists--and it's the Republicans who have it.

The military is made up of consenting adults, fellahs. As for the scouts--let's look at a Sailer quote to see this double standard in action:
"Consider how differently one well-known issue can seem depending on your family structure: Should the government let the Boy Scouts ban gay men from becoming scoutmasters? To voters who are single, or married but childless, or have only daughters, this often appears as a purely abstract question of justice: of course, everybody should be guaranteed equal opportunity to be a scoutmaster. Yet, to citizens with sons, a ban may seem like a common sense precaution against temptation: of course, homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to lead their boys into the woods overnight."

The Boy Scout issue--regarding the state-sanctioned discrimination against gay men by the Boy Scouts of America, has been portrayed as a "it's not safe to send our children into the woods with fags" debate by the Republican guard.

That is, the debate assumes that gay = child molester from the word go. Fags are incapable of controlling their sexual urges and will rape these youths, given the chance.

But since discovering that most of the kids Foley swapped e-mail with were sixteen, the party has been trying to say that Foley's behaviour was simply "gay" rather than criminal. So gay child molester, suddenly.

I notice too, that the Girl Scouts of America include lesbian leaders as a matter of basic principles. Odd how the Republicans ignore that, eh?

I think Americans are discovering that what they really, really don't like is hypocrisy.


At 4:50 p.m., Blogger Steve Sailer said...

Where did I say criticism of Rep. Foley is "gay-bashing"?

At 6:18 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

I owe you an apology, sir. I confused two arguments. In my researches I had come across several sites arguing about the case, and I clearly got mixed up.

I will correct this immediately.


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