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25 September 2006

King Ralph's in Favour of Education

I haven't been around recently--recovering from a cold and entertaining visiting parents.

Now that he's no longer premier of Alberta Ralph Klein is supporting education over "short-term dollars".

Bit of a reversal from "dig it up, gut it, and sell it all". Presumably, too, he's no longer afraid that a more educated workforce wouldn't vote for him.

Me, I say screw it. If I were sixteen and had half a brain I'd be living it up in Fort MacMurry. In fact, I should have quit school when I was sixteen (instead of aimlessly proceeding to the end of my sentence). And if they'd been paying anything like the money they pay now, I probably would've. Of course "sixteen with half-a-brain" is a contradiction in terms (now that I'm older and ever-so-much wiser--and all those fortysomethings are senile).

As it is I look at my collection of payments yclept "house", my collection of debts, and my 40% salary reduction and I think: What the hell is wrong with my timing?

I left high school just as it became impossible to get a job without further education. I joined the Canadian (formerly Armed) Forces just as the cuts began and shortly before the salaries got frozen. I left the Forces and joined trucking as fuel prices soared. And I got into writing--the job I've wanted for years--just as pay rates in the oilfields started hitting record highs.

Had I no responsibilities here I'd be off in a flash. $60-72 K a year for trucking? Watch my tires smoke.

I'm feeling unmotivated and bitter today. All I can seem to think about is the money I ain't made. Perhaps I need less education?

Besides--education is clearly no predictor of worth or success.


At 12:33 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Bill Gates is a college drop-out.
On the other hand, Warren Buffet was not.


At 11:24 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Gates dropped out for the same reason Genghis Khan did: to conquer the world.


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