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08 September 2006

Finally, We Know Which is Right

Hilarious video which I grabbed off of YouTube only after first finding it on A Clockwork Blancmange.

And from there it's a short trip to this. A clip reflecting the faithful constancy that is compassionate conservatism under the beknighted--sorry, benevolent leadership of the current prez.


At 9:42 a.m., Anonymous Steven_L said...

The thing is Metro, now that you guys have altered the balance of power in the middle east, you're not going to just pull out and leave it all the fester are you?

Israel are a bit worried about the all powerful Iran you guys have helped the Russians create by removing Saddam for a start.

Iraq will probably break up into 3 countries, a shi'ite satellite or Iran over the majority of the oil fields, a sunni state and a kurdish state.

In retrospect do you think you guys should have started arming Saddam again instead of bombing him in the late ninties?

Iraq and Iran were far better, and the middle east far safer surely, when they were at each others throats.

Well, it's you guys that need all the gas. In 20 years, when you are dependant on Russia and Iran to supply it too you, maybe you might wish you'd left Saddam where he was.

At 11:33 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

First off, Stephen, may I respectfully point out that the Canadian government wasn't the one that put Saddam in place, nor armed him, nor removed him?

I think you're thinking I live a bit further south than I actually do. In Canada we generally prefer to talk our enemies to death, given a choice.

I completely agree about the self--fulfilling worry about Iran as a regional superpower in the Middle East.

Another point--one I'm ashamed of: Canada sucks back more energy per capita than the US. Some of it has to do with the winters here. But other places have winters just as hard and consume less. When SUV sales dropped off over the last two years, Canadians continued to buy more of them.

But I worry more about pollution. Canada is a net energy exporter--although fuel is still $1.10 a litre, or about $4:30 US/gallon.

You're a market-driven sort of person, no? The cost of fuel will eventually force us to engineer efficencies. If we don't wish to get scrod by fuel companies, we'll develop them sooner.

And as I posted to Raincoaster--I think the US has no choice--moral or strategic--but to sit on Iraq until a workable solution is reached.

I feel the same about Canadian participation in Afghanistan. Unfotunately, the serious muscle in that area lies with an ally who is distracted by an unnecessary adjunct war.

Unfortunately, like all of ***'s choices, Iraq means that the grandkids of today's US citizens will wind up paying the price. In money or blood.

And Canadians will continue to die in Afghanistan.

At 3:02 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, at least this fella was brave enough to leave a name.
I do wonder that maybe he thinks you have some influence over * and that is why he is saying "you guys".
Perhaps he thinks Metroblog is Cheney's blog site?


At 10:29 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Actually, Stephen_L and I have bumped into one another chez Raincoaster. I read this comment before I read the other, and I think we're driving opposite directions down the one-way-cul-de-sac of misunderstanding.

No worries.


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