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28 September 2006

Cruising Irresponsibly Around YouTube

I found this snippet, in which Jon Stewart gives a big shout-out to the broadcast values of Fox "News".

Fox Television: sure puts that A&E in it's place, don't it?

Also seen while wobbling around the web:Tyra Banks is on Yahoo! Answers wondering "What can we do to help teen girls build self-esteem, overcome insecurities, and form supportive relationships?"


Well for starters how about not pretending anything a supermodel says is important?

How about not defining beauty by the standards of six-foot, one-hundred pound, cocaine-snorting, self-absorbed bimbos?

How about conducting all job interviews by phone, or in a darkened room, so that no-one ever gets hired for their tits?

Is that enough answers, Miz Banks?

The sheer arrogance of this woman, whose career choice defines itself by the degree of insecurity an average woman feels when she gazes upon one of these million-dollar clothes-dummies, asking how to shore up the insecurities of young girls who measure their eating-disorder-prone selves alongside telecast stringbeans with poufy lips appals me.

You wanna give the self-esteem of young women a jolt? I want you to get up on that lousy exploitive show of yours, cram a giant chocolate cupcake into your gob and scream: "It's all fake!"


At 7:28 a.m., Blogger Lori said...

Well said.


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