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28 August 2006

Sometimes a Certain Justice

Via I came across this beautiful video of Anne ("Stop me if you've heard this one before") Coulter getting stepped all over.

Things to enjoy: Her verdict on the search for Bin Laden: "Irrelevant" and her remark that "Hannity lets me finish". The maraschino cherry on top is the fact that this is the famed "Hannity and Colmes" talk show from the Fox "news" network, where a right-wing flamer named Sean Hannity (he's actually more of a right fielder, as in "so far out in that he's out of the ballpark) stages "discussion" with a slightly-less-so named Colmes. It's as staged and predictable as pro wrestling, of course.

Fox calls it "liberal-conservative debate" or some such.

What this means is: This is the one network a raving Nazi like Coulter could usually expect to be allowed to express her views on unopposed, and they don't!


Eventually she tears off her mike and clearly heads off in a tantrum.

In related news: a much cuddlier Coulter. Perhaps it's like pandas, and if we get them together they'll mate?

Nah--some things you just can't force a horse to do.

And just to round up the news: Progress on the war on terror. I've mentioned in other places that one of the advantages England seems to have in fighting this "war on terror" is that they actually treat it as a crime--a gradiose and vicious one to be sure, but nonetheless a crime (thank god for appointed judges). But recent noises from the White House indicate that the protection of law for terror suspects meets with a certain disapproval.

I think that as long as they're going to harrass people who haven't actually done bugger-all, and continue to profile anyone who looks a little too tanned, they need to make damn sure to apply the protection of British law to anyone coming within their sweep.


At 3:04 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know the problem with most folks when it comes to politics? It's all or nothing most of the time. Either we hate the other, or we love them. There isn't any middle ground for debating politics.

It must get boring Metro, typing the same ole "conservatives are bad" entry into your blog. Ann, Dubya, Rush, Fox.

Is Canada that boring that you can't right about your own government or problems? Perhaps your nation's infatuation with us is the reason you will always live in our shadow.

At 3:31 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgive me, I misspelled "write"

At 3:32 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

I agree. It is all-or-nothing. Especially for folks like those you mentioned.

The "uniter" president has proven more divisive than almost any prior, at a time when unity is needed most.

Pundits like Limbaugh are bad enough but in Canada it's possible Coulter could actually be convicted under hate speech law.

Fox Network is doing nothing that any other media-owner doesn't do. However, Rupert Murdoch and the Asper group have done more to interfere with the reporting of straight news than the usual, publishing outright edicts not just about editorial terminology, but the actual content of reports.

These people defined the debate, and they defined it at the extreme ends. So yeah, there's not a lot of middle ground right now.

I'd never just say outright "conservatives are bad"--I dislike abusing the term "conservative" not least because I am a conservative.

But in the lexicon of this debate "right-wing" is the best I can do.

Besides, when did reasonableness ever get a blogger anywhere?

It is hard to write about this particular Canadian government. Harper's cut off media contact and is running the most secretive government we've ever had. Besides, parliament's out for the parliamentary "summer" (which lasts longer than any of the four seasons that happen in the rest of Canada).

And as for our "infatuation" with the US, you mistake the cause for the effect. Everything we do is defined partly by how it differentiates from US policy, no matter whether said policy is wise or foolish.

Our news is dominated by images of Afghanistan--an invasion in which we participated in support of the US.

Our news is full of the softwood lumber debate, of little interest to 90% of US citizens, but of vital interest to ours.

80% of Canada's trade flows across the border under NAFTA. Our dollar is defined, as are the rest of the world's currencies, against the greenback.

We're on the list of terrorist countries Bin Laden has said he wants to hit, too. But not on the list of countries Bush chose to thank, for some reason.

And rarely in history has any White House been as overtly hostile to Canada as this one. Have you seen that clown he sent to be his ambassador?

So are Canadians interested in the US? Yeah, a little.

Under your current political leadership it's become a sort of slow motion road accident: you don't want to watch, but your eyes are glued to the scene in horrified fascination as you wait to see what could possibly come next.

Don't worry though--Russia's getting very similar treatment right now. For almost the same reasons.

At 3:34 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

Don't sweat the "write" stuff.

Spelling mistakes in "anonymous" postings are taken as par for the course. I mean, if you can't spell a name ...

At 1:21 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Is Canada that boring....?"
Compared to what is going on across the border there, all I can say is thankfully it is.


At 3:24 a.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

Well, I wouldn't call it an infatuation. We did loot and burn the White House, and just recently we left a planeload of Americans to die on the end of an Ottawa runway. Once it was clear the "mysterious device" was not explosive, we risked sending in a bus to pick them up. Cuz we're sweet like that.

Would we really leave a planeload of Americans at the end of a runway to die in a fiery ball of terrorist explosion-ating rather than evacuate them (including possible terrorist) to the airport?

Yew Becha!

At 3:32 a.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

Oh, and have you seen the Hannidate site? Maybe in your nony went there he'd find the redneck of his dreams and settle down to live the American Dream.

At 11:24 a.m., Anonymous StatistsRMorons said...

years later....

"The "uniter" president has proven more divisive than almost any prior, at a time when unity is needed most."


"Pundits like Limbaugh are bad enough but in Canada it's possible Coulter could actually be convicted under hate speech law."

And you are proud of this?

You're no conservative, you're just a Statist too cowardly to admit it.

At 8:21 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

Welcome to the party, StatistsRmorons.

Clearly, you are a conservative. You bloviated about something only tangentially related to the topic at hand, proclaimed a conclusion that everyone else reached a year ago.

And did all this FIVE YEARS after the post you're commenting on was published.

You a Teabagger by any chance?

At 8:22 p.m., Blogger Metro said...

By the way. I'm not much of an Obama fan, but on his worst day he's ten times the president Bushie was.

Hell, he got Osama Bin Laden!


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