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03 August 2006

The Number-Five Headline on Yahoo! News

Hizbullah is asking for a cease-fire.
Hizbollah warned Israel on Thursday it would fire rockets at Tel Aviv if Israel targeted central Beirut, but offered to stop its rocket barrage if Israel ended attacks on civilian areas in Lebanon.

"(If) at any time you decide to stop your campaigns on our cities, suburbs, civilians and infrastructure, we won't strike with rockets any settlement or Israeli city ...," Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said in a taped televised message.
Now's Israel's chance to look good by stopping what they increasingly realise is doing them more harm than good. Let's sit and watch what they do, shall we?

Oh. They've threatened to destroy Lebanon's infrastructure if Tel Aviv gets hit. Uh--guys? How much is left to destroy?

So: faced with an enemy who agrees to do exactly what Ehud Olmert said Israel wanted them to Israel's response is to threaten more violence?

Well thank god Stephen--I mean Steve--Harper's on the job. If he'd gone to the trouble of actually standing on his hind legs and saying something encouraging, well just think of the wasted energy.

What the £µ©λ are all these dopey @$$#0!€s playing at?


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