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20 August 2006

Now They Tell Me

"Place the following snippet of code in your blog, to include your unique referral number to Your peep will gain in popularity with each unique referral."

Basically, I got nowhere from the hits I got yesterday. Boo!

Do me a favour--click on "25peeps" up there--even if you went already. Let's keep my "face made for blogging" on the page, eh?



At 6:43 a.m., Blogger Meander said...

i am clicking baby! i am on there too. we must defeat the butt man (the breasts that really are a dude's butt). nice blog you have here...i shall return!

At 7:16 a.m., Blogger FIR said...

Hi there... jump over from 25peeps. Nice blog and good luck on staying there.

At 8:18 a.m., Blogger Metro said...

Thank you both for your words and for your clicks. It's thanks to you that I'm still clinging to the page instead of vanished, like Mme Metro; Sigh.


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