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08 August 2006

Is This News Anymore?

Israel bombs Labanon. Again.

Despite clear opposition from civilized society and the UN, Ehud Olmert has taken the brakes off the Israeli war machine:
"There are no restraints on the army," Olmert said. "We are not stopping. The Katyusha (rocket) fire must be stopped. A situation in which a million Israelis are confined to shelters is unacceptable."
from Google News

Mr. Olmert is correct--there are no constraints on the IDF, just as there are none on Hizbullah, and for largely the same reasons.

Clearly a thousand dead Lebanese civillians are acceptable whether or not they had anything to do with Hizbullah. And I'm sure the rocket attacks will stop any day now: look how well the war's working so far.

To those who complain that Lebanon has rejected the UN ceasefire proposal: You shouldn't need a ceasefire to stop deliberately hitting civillians.

On the other side of the argument, a ceasefire is what you have to do before anything else can happen. The problem for Lebanon is: If you'd had recent experience of the IDF treatment, as the 700,000+ Lebanese refugees have, would you be anxious to return home, with the Israeli army still there?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, US president *** showed his commitment to the peace process by, as usual, having a lovely vacation.


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