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16 August 2006

Good News For the GOP

President *** did the best thing he could have done for Connecticut Republican senatorial candidate Alan Schlesinger: he failed to endorse him.

It makes good sense. As noted earlier, Karl Rove personally phoned Joe Lieberman (a once-credible, middle-of-the-road Democrat who voted for the Iraq war) during the Democratic primary to choose their candidate, despite knowing full well that Lieberman faces charges of being too chummy with the *** White House.

Lieberman's challenger Ned Lamont, who looks much left-er by comparison and opposes the war, was selected and will face Schlesinger in the senate election.

Lieberman has decided to run as an independent.

Rove's strategy is pretty brilliant here--he's already split the Democratic vote. Now to cap it off he's clearly advised his boss to avoid splattering the GOP candidate with the manure that now clings to him like a cheap suit (you know, the kind so badly tailored that it bunches up between the shoulder blades during a television debate?).

For possibly the second time in history (Clinton being the first) a president can do more good by not endorsing a candidate.

That way the hard-core Republican voters (who the hell are these people anyway?) can vote for their guy without the attached worries they have about the incompetent boob in the White House coming into play.

With the Democrat vote likely split, who knows. I mean, if that little tit *** actually got himself elected (that is, if he actually won the last presidential election--barring machines that voted for him and his, judicial errors, etc, etc, etc) then maybe Schlesinger can too! But if not, then he's quite likely to get Lieberman again, which hasn't exactly hampered him so far.


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