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29 August 2006


I've been swapping comments with Raincoaster over at, well you guess where. Some of the comments are happening in seriously disparate places. For example, I commented on her Absolutely Fabulous post (the show--the post was okay, not fabulous in itself ... ). I also dropped in a comment or two on her Dalek & Cyberman posts.

But it gets hard to keep track of it all so I thought I'd see where one might find Doctor Who, the Daleks, and Joanna Lumley all in one place. Where was that place? Right-o! I tube, we tube, YouTube!

Here is the 1999 Comic Relief Dr. Who episode (non-canonical, if you care about such things) The Curse of Fatal Death. Total time's about twenty minutes, so why not grab yourself a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster first? Oops--wrong series.

Part II (part I is below)

Part I (part II would be where, then? Right!)

Efficiency--it's what I'm all about, eh?


At 2:04 a.m., Anonymous raincoaster said...

You're wrong, darling. The post WAS fabulous. You're just too fat to see it.

Now where's my Sonic Screwdriver?


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