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23 July 2006

Via Nag On The Lake

This front page from the Independant. I've meant to post this for a few days.

It gives me a tiny flicker of hope to know that Canada voted in favour of an immediate ceasefire--no matter what Steve Harper says.

Print this off and carry it around with you. So when someone says "Israel has the world's permission to do this", you can whip it out and show it to them.

Israel has god's permission to do this. Just as *** has god's permission to invade Iraq, and Hizbullah has god's blessing to rocket Israeli towns.

One of the best things about being atheist is that you have better things to do on Sundays, like blog. Or go check out how Cold Desert's making out in Beirut.

The disadvantage is that if you kill someone, you really have no-one to blame it on.

Hey--does that last link mean that those doing things under orders from *** are guilty of war crimes under Texas law? After all, he is "without moral authority".


At 11:19 a.m., Blogger a h m a d said...

I almost forgot that today was a Sunday! Days are becoming so similar since I am officially staying at home since the break of this war. :)


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